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How to Change “Welcome” Text Message at Logon ( Merubah Tulisan "welcome" di windows 7

1. In Windows Explorer, navigate to C:\Windows\System32\en-US\winlogon.exe.mui. (see screenshot below)
Welcome Log On Text Message - Change-step1.jpg
2. Take ownership of the winlogon.exe.mui file with your user account, and set it’spermissions to Allow your user account Full Control. Close Windows Explorer when finished.
3. Copy this winlogon.exe.mui file to your desktop.
4. If you have not already, download and install Resource Hacker.
5. Right click on the Resource Hacker shortcut in Start Menu – All Programs, then click onRun as administrator. (see screenshot below)
Welcome Log On Text Message - Change-start_menu.jpg
6. If prompted by UAC, then click on Yes (Windows 7) or Continue (Vista).
7. In Resource Hacker, click on File and Open. (see screenshot below)
Welcome Log On Text Message - Change-step2.jpg
8. In Resource Hacker, select All Files (*.*) in the Files of type drop down box, navigate to and select the copied winlogon.exe.mui file on your desktop, then click on the Openbutton. (see screenshot below)
Welcome Log On Text Message - Change-change_step-3.jpg
9. In the left pane of Resource Hacker, expand String Table, and 63, to 1033. (see screenshot below)
Welcome Log On Text Message - Change-step4a.jpg
10. In the right pane of 1033, replace the Welcome text in quotes at both 1002 and 1005locations with the text you want instead (ex: Hello) within quotes, then click on theCompile Script button. (see screenshot above and below)
Welcome Log On Text Message - Change-step4b.jpg
11. Click on File and Save, then close Resource Hacker. (see screenshot below)
Welcome Log On Text Message - Change-step6.jpg
12. Copy the modified winlogon.exe.mui file on your Desktop, and Paste it into theC:\Windows\System32\en-US folder from step 1. (see screenshot below step 1)
NOTE: The en-US folder is in English Windows 7 copies. If you have a non-English Windows 7 copy, then this folder will have a different name reflecting your language instead.
13. Click on Copy and Replace. (see screenshot below)
Welcome Log On Text Message - Change-copy.jpg
14. If prompted, click on Continue (UAC) and Yes to approve.
15. Open a elevated command prompt, type mcbuilder, press Enter, then close the command prompt. (see screenshot below)
NOTE: Thanks to Fimble for pointing this out.
Welcome Log On Text Message - Change-cmd.jpg
16. Restart the computer.
17. Restart the computer and log in to see the changes made.
NOTE: If this does not work for you in Windows 7, then see the NOTE box at the top of the tutorial.
18. You can delete the winlogon.exe_original.mui that ResHacker created if you like since you can easily do OPTION TWO below to restore the default settings.
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  1. how to set the "winlogon.exe.mui" to be full control


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